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What is the value of influence?


SUMMARY: Offers are currently being considered for the sale of the domain name. ADASTRO Incorporated is assisting the owner of the domain in the process of discussion and negotiation with individuals and organizations interested in purchasing the domain name.

HISTORY: The domain name was first registered by George Strong & Associates in August 1995, and has been used by political consultant George Strong to provide commentary primarily focused on Houston and Texas politics. Mr. Strong no longer requires use of the domain name, and after years of turning down offers for it, he is now considering offers from other parties that will find greater value in owning the domain name.

OTHER RELEVANT DATA: Political information is a major category of information available over the Internet. A March 2005 story from the Associated Press noted that "Reliance on the Internet for political news during last year's presidential campaign grew sixfold from 1996, while the influence of newspapers dropped sharply... Forty percent of Internet users found the Internet important in helping them decide for whom to vote, while 20 percent said the online information made a difference." is the premier domain name in the political space, the top Google search result for the phrase "political gossip," and this is a rare opportunity for someone to finally grab it.

Generic and common word domain names with the .com extension have considerable value. Domain sales of generic names that have been reported in the news this year have included ($750,000.00), ($700,000.00), ($285,000.00), ($180,000.00), ($155,000.00), ($150,000.00), and ($150,000.00).

It will be interesting to see whether ends up in the hands of those with a liberal or conservative agenda.

HOW TO SUBMIT AN INQUIRY: Please use the form below to submit an inquiry or offer related to the domain name. If you wish to make an offer on the domain, we will send you back a form on which an offer can be submitted. You can also call us at (281) 480-6300 and ask to speak to Cliff Kurtzman if you wish to discuss the status on the sale of this domain with us by telephone. (Please note: if you first heard about the sale of this domain through GreatDomains, please submit any inquiries directly through GreatDomains rather than through this page. Thank you!)

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